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aires installées depuis l’an 2000

Bandeau Réseau Aireservices Bonne route!

Réseau AireServices the site for motorhome and van parks and campsites in France and Europe

Welcome to all motorhome owners, van-lifers and lovers of outdoor holidays!

All stopovers of the network are accessible without subscription card

Moustache is the mascot of the Airepark Network

RéseauAiresServices.com is the site for stopovers and service areas that lets you travel around France and Europe, whether you're in motorhomes, vans, or even caravans or tents, as we also feature campsites! All stopovers within the network are accessible without a subscription card."

We offer a wide variety of spots: in the heart of nature, by the water, in the city, in ski resorts and spa towns, etc. Since the year 2000, we have equipped 1200 aires to welcome you. We also design, manufacture and install our service kiosks!

Et aujourd’hui nous allons plus loin et nous vous proposons des idées de destinations grâce aux évènements publiés sur ce site ainsi que la conception de roadtrips pour vous faire découvrir la France et l’Europe


areas installed since 2000

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Saint Hilaire du Touvet
Chemin du Bec Margain
Motorhome stopover FREE PARKING
2511 Av. de la Plage
Campsite service area
parking spaces
la journée (en basse saison)
Camping SEASONOVA L'international du lac à Vesoul ***
Campsite service area
parking spaces
* à partir de
Tours en Vimeu
5 rue de Chepy
Reception area PAY PARKING
parking spaces
les 24h de stationnement avec accès aux bornes
Let's get on with the adventure!

The "Réseau Aireservices" offers you destination ideas with events in all corners of France according to the seasons. We also prepare road trips for you to discover all our regions by motorhome or van. Our itineraries cover various themes: heritage, leisure, culture, gastronomy, and festivals... To prepare for your road trip, we advise you to watch the lovely video from Jil and Clem

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Service stopovers

The service areas are freely accessible and allow you to empty your black water and refill with fresh water. You can find them in towns and villages, as well as in supermarkets and on motorway stopovers.

Motorhome service and stay stopovers

The service areas within campsites offer the opportunity to empty your black water, refill with fresh water, and sometimes connect to electricity. You can also enjoy any activities when they're provided within the campsite.

Motorhome service and stay FREE PARKING

Motorhome stopover areas with free parking are sites that offer a variety of services, which can vary depending on the stopover (wifi, sanitation facilities, children's playgrounds, etc.).

Motorhome service and stay PAY PARKING

Stopover areas with paid parking offer more security as their access is often protected by a barrier, and the spaces can be separated by hedges.

Motorhome service and stay PAY PARKING with optional booking

Reservable and paid stopover areas are comfortable and offer you the chance to plan your stops in advance and be certain of having a spot for the night.

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